Ltouch7 plus


Ltouch 7 or 10

To create it,
we have upset the concept of
industrial automation

Thanks to the free development
Android Studio
you can create your own personalized app.
Graphics and Logics all in the same IDE.


Quad Core Cortex

16 I/O

Digital Inputs/Outputs

4 AI

16 bit Resolution

4 AO

16 bit Resolution




2 Serial Port







real time clock

Dynamic frequency to 1.4G Hz

1GB 32bit DDR3 RAM

8GB emmc

Now, you have no more limits

Analog Inputs

4 configurable independent with galvanic isolation from analogue outputs.

4 configurable independent with galvanic isolation from analogue outputs.
TC typeK, J, S, R, T, E, N, B (30000 points),
automatic compensation of the cold junction 0..50°C, accuracy @25°C ±0,3% F.S.),
Thermoresistances PT100, PT500, PT1000, Ni100, PTC1K, NTC10K (B 3435K) (50000 points),
linear inputs 0/4..20mA (50000 points),
0..60mV (50000 points),
0..1V/0..5V/0..10V (50000 points),
Input potentiometer 1..150 KOhm (configurable)

Digital Inputs


up to 16 selectable as 


Analog Outputs

4 configurable independent with galvanic isolation from analogue outputs. Selection 0..10V (16000 points) or 4..20 mA (15000 points)

Digital Outputs

Up to 16 selectable as static outputs 24VDC (up to 700mA per output or total 3A max)

The product will comes with a free Android modbus library that can be used to communicate with any commercial products such as PLC, I/O modules, temperature controllers and in general with any device that support the modbus protocol through rs485.

RS485 full isolated

We developed our own library to support hardware I/O in all Android projects; it is reliable, fast in terms of execution time and open source . It is simple to import our library in eclipse projects and write your (java) project to handle I/O


creates more tasks and the new library, created for the plus, will do the hard work

input / output configuration, reading, writing of inputs – analogue outputs, command of digital outputs, reception of digital inputs.
All with simple commands

More info >

2 type of display

both capacitive with resolution 800 x 1280

display without film,
glass to the touch,
all IP54





If a board is connected to a network via Ethernet before it is powered on it will automatically obtain an IP with DHCP activated after it is powered up. If you want to set up a static IP you can use the user interface or modify the kernel

Modbus TCP

Using the modbus tcp is simple and fast

import the library

Stay connected from anywhere

WiFi: 802.11b/g/n

On board there is a module low-power consumption module which has all of the WiFi, Bluetooth.  With seamless roaming capabilities and advanced
security, also could interact with different vendors’ 802.11b/g/n Access Points in the wireless LAN.

The wireless module complies with IEEE 802.11 b/g/n standard and it can achieve up to a speed of 72.2Mbps with single stream in 802.11n draft, 54Mbps as specified in IEEE 802.11g, or 11Mbps for IEEE 802.11b to connect to the wireless LAN. 

Information exchange

There are no limits for series Ltouch plus 

Possibility to implement a server inside the Ltouch with which any wifi device can exchange information.

create your html page,
copy it inside l’Ltouch
enable hotspots
connect with any wifi device

all done

the plus series

is rooted

This application starts automatically when the device starts.
We have created a series of settings to adapt it to all situations. Some of the settings 

-p Password to access server

-e Path to encrypted password file to access server

-r Screen rotation (degrees) (0,90,180,270)

-s Scale percentage (20,30,50,100,150)

-z Rotate display 180 (for zte compatibility)


YES , we created it for Android

You can securely connect to a remote computer or server using a text-based interface.
When a secure SSH connection is established, Ltouch shell session will be started and it will be possible to manipulate the server by typing commands within the client on the local computer.

we can install the SSH server inside the touch

we are at your service

use this mail for any information


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