Biemme italia present a panel hmi 4.3 with android 5.1 technologies with outputs on board. His name is Ltouch43. This powerful board comes capacitive touch screen that is well suited to interact industrial and home automation systems. It supports many communication interfaces such as WiFi,Ethernet, Bluetooth,RS485,USB 2.0 and it has a special GPIO header. Protection code IP54, stainless steel frontal frame and stainless steel rear cover.The customers that need specific customization on top of our base package, can use the usual frameworks for Android app developing, for instance Eclipse or Android Studio.


Thanks to the free development Android Studio you can create your own personalized app.Graphics and Logics all in the same IDE. Android 5.1 and its many functions allow you to connect with the worlds. In order to leverage the flexibility of the Android OS, the board has a native modus RTU library for Android that is able to communicate with every device through RS485.

Processor Ltouch43

The Cortex-A53 processor delivers significantly more performance than its predecessors at a higher level of power efficiency. This takes the performance of the core above that of the Cortex-A7 processor, which defines many popular mainstream and entry-level mobile platforms



64 bit

Octa Core


32bit DDR3



+ 40%

Performance Uplift

– 10%

Consume lower power

+ 10%

Speed multimedia

+ 12%

Speed Weeb Browsing


Full optoisolated RS485 and through a convenient switch it is possible to configure the polarization of the 485 line by inserting or excluding the end-of-line resistance. The device supports Android NDK, for native programming. The Android kernel is already configured for working with serial ports, without any constraints. The product will comes with a free Modbus RTU library for Android modbus library that can be used to communicate with any commercial products such as PLC, I/O modules, temperature controllers and in general with any device that support the modbus protocol through rs485. More info >


Display 4,3 inch capacitive touch screen.
Resolution 400 x 800.

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Ltouch43 Android HMI

dim. 135 x 97 x 70 mm

The structure completely in stainless steel,
All Extractable terminal blocks

only 500gr


Power Supply Voltage Recognition

The hardware architecture recognizes the supply voltage when there is a difference of 20% Ltouch43 and turns off.

Modbus TCP

You can use Modbus TCP communication thanks to the jamod library,this video explains how to use it with our Ltouch

Uscite a relè

4 power relays installed directly in the Ltouch43. Thanks to the library you can easily use the outputs on board


All the available connection’s interfaces make this board suitable for a broad range of applications that spans from smart homes to industrial contexts.
The Ltouch 43 mount onboard WiFi & Bluetooth, Ethernet line Gbps Ethernet(RTL8211E) with unique MAC, RS485 with modbus protocol

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VNC Viewer

Possibility to install configurable apk vnc

Screen Rotation

possibility to install horizontal or vertical applications

Tethering & WiFi

Possibility to use tethering thanks to the porcelain antenna