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Ltouch F/FW

Specifically designed for Android

Biemme Italia is proud to present a new touch panel that support Android, Linux and WinCE6 technologies. This powerful board comes with a capacitive 7″ multi-touch screen that is well suited to interact with industrial and home automation systems. It supports many communication interfaces such as Ethernet, RS485, RS232, I²C, USB 2.0 and it has a special GPIO header together with a 2 megapixels camera sensor. Ingress protection code IP54, anodized and polished aluminium frontal frame, stainless steel rear cover.
In order to leverage the flexibility of the Android OS, the board has a native modus RTU library for Android that is able to communicate with every device through RS485.

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Technical specifications


The hardware architecture of this new board is based on ARM Cortex A8 1Ghz processor, 512MB DDR2 SDRAM and 4GB of iNand Flash. It has an harware video decoder MPEG2/MPEG4/H.264 together with audio Line In, Ear jack and Mic. Two Micro SD slots can be used to expand the storage. Power input DC 24V at 1.5A. Android (up to 4.0.4), Linux and WinCE 6.0 are supported. Technical Specifications’ list.

android panel


The customers that need specific customization on top of our base package, can use the usual frameworks for Android app developing, for instance Eclipse. The device supports Android NDK, for native programming. The Android kernel is already configured for working with serial ports, without any constraints. The product will comes with a free Android modbus library that can be used to communicate with any commercial products such as PLC, I/O modules, temperature controllers and in general with any device that support the modbus protocol through rs485.

ltouch android connectivity


All the available connection’s interfaces make this board suitable for a broad range of applications that spans from smart homes to industrial contexts.

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Data Storage.

Unlimited storage available using the two mounted SD slots and the fast internal iNand flash memory.

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ltouch android data storage

ltouch Modbus Android

Modbus protocol through Rs485.

Maximum control and extensibility using UART, RS232 and DB9 debug ports. RS485 port for industrial applications and free native modbus RTU library for Android.

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High definition connector such as HDMI is ready to use in order to extend the range of application of this board. Take advantage of the audio interface.

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ltouch android media

HMI aplication with Android
PT100 temperature sensor
Remote temperature sensor
HMI industrial application