Ltouch7 plus

Ltouch7 plus

To create it, we have upset
the concept of
industrial automation
Ltouch7 plus
Simple and Reliable

Thanks to the free development Android Studio
you can create your own personalized app.
Graphics and Logics all in the same IDE.Scalability
Android Studio or Eclipse development environment
ensures scalability of the applications,
thus allowing to choose larger screens
for the same project whenever required.
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Quad Core Cortex

16 I/O

Digital Inputs/Outputs

4 AI

16 bit Resolution

4 AO

16 bit Resolution




Serial Port


Serial Port




on board

Dynamic frequency to 1.4G Hz
1GB 32bit DDR3 RAM;
8GB emmc;

Now, you have no more limits

Analog Inputs

4 configurable independent with galvanic isolation from analogue outputs.
TC typeK, J, S, R, T, E, N, B (30000 points),
automatic compensation of the cold junction 0..50°C, accuracy @25°C ±0,3% F.S.),
Thermoresistances PT100, PT500, PT1000, Ni100, PTC1K, NTC10K (B 3435K) (50000 points),
linear inputs 0/4..20mA (50000 points),
0..60mV (50000 points),
0..1V/0..5V/0..10V (50000 points),
Input potentiometer 1..150 KOhm (configurable)

Digital Inputs

up to 16 selectable as inputs/outputs

Analog Outputs

4 configurable independent with galvanic isolation from analogue outputs.
Selection 0..10V (16000 points)
or 4..20 mA (15000 points)

Digital Outputs

Up to 16 selectable as static outputs 24VDC
(up to 700mA per output or total 3A max)

7 inch HD High Definition LCD
Capacitive Touch
number of colors 262,144 (6bits)

a even brighter screen

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Ltouch7 plus


you have everything
you need to generate the
Internet of Things
in to industry or a home



it is
already all inclusive


Send and receive information on the network.
A hotspot turns Ltouch7 plus into a WiFi router.
Ltouch7 plus will generate a
normal wireless network with its own SSID.



Ltouch7 plus
Supports the
vnc server function
Just install an executable

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We developed our own library to support hardware I/O in all Android projects; it is reliable, fast in terms of execution time and open source .
It is simple to import our library in eclipse projects and write your (java) project to handle I/O. Wiki page