2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n/i/e WIFI


10/100M Bit Ethernet port


data communication through the standard protocol.

RS 485

Modbus RTU slave (to. 115200 Baud)


load settings


Analog inputs to 18 bit, Acquisition Current 0.20mA or Voltage 0.10V


Digital Inputs, 24 VdcPNP optoisolated 


Digital Outputs, 24Vdc PNP 


don't just call me Expansion Module

is the gateway created by BieMme that allows you to connect both individual products and entire networks, managing the communication and data flow through the standard ISO MQTT protocol.

let's go in order


power supply 24Vdc +- 15%, with reverse polarity protection

Dimension : 6-module box


Modbus RTU RS485 slave

Speed max: 115200

Function : 03-06-16

I install a dip switch to polarize the line and activate the termination resistor

compatible with any Master device, especially with our Ltouch products, setting of the communication parameters is possible through a revolutionary weeb tool integrated in the BIO

Modbus TCP slave


it works as a slave with any Master TCP device, it can be used through an ethernet port or via wifi.

Powerful ARM processor installed can work simultaneously with modbus TCP and with MQTT towards other clients.

The acquisition and management of remote I / O and for the expansion of the basic architecture in applications that already include PLC or Ltouch

Setting of the communication parameters is possible through a revolutionary weeb tool integrated in the BIO.


Analog Inputs to 18bits

acquisition of 2 analog inputs with retransmission via RTU or TCP bus.

Settable through WEB APP, alarm thresholds with activation of digital outputs with reference to analogue channels

alarm limits

that's all ?

NO !

when the alarm occurs, as well as activating the digital output, you can send an alarm message via e-mail. Simply configurable through the WEB APP.
Decide the recipient and the alarm message, the work does it BIO

exceptional and revolutionary configuration mode

from any browser, enter the address of the BIO and connect automatically through WiFi or Ethernet. You don’t need any converter, let alone NFC or Bluetooth.

We have created a WEB APP inside the BIO that uses the ISO MQTT standard , in order to facilitate the configuration work.

Any person with any technical background can customize the BIO.

View real time on WEB

through the standard protocol you can view the status of the inputs / outputs of the single or of the BIOs in the network in real time

all this without any interference with the RTU and TCP MODBUS buses