Industrial automation and electrical cabinets

Industrial Automation.

“Industrial automation” term identifies the technology behind the control systems (such as PLC) that manage machines and processes, limiting the necessity for human being work. Normally, it is used to execute complex or repetitive actions, but also in situations where security or certainty of execution is required, or simply for convenience and easy to use.
We design and develop solutions in the field of industrial automation that are able to speed up the manufacturing processes and to simplify the human being work, according to the clients requests and according to government laws.

Thanks to a skilled team, we develop software applications that use the most powerful programming languages such as C/C++, Microsoft Visual, Java and other third party languages such as Siemens, Schneider and Moeller.

Electrical cabinet production.

In our labs we deploy prototypes and produce electrical cabinets for every field and every aim that conforms to the CEI 17/13-1 (EN 604397) CEI EN 60204/1 laws. We offer an all-inclusive packet, developing the “bordo macchina” in site, testing the project in site as well.

One of the most important and innovative service that we offer is the remote assistance that allow to control client’s installations alarms and anomalies from a remote location.

Actuators - Azionamenti

We design and develop systems for industrial automation. The main features are the following:

  • Openness: our systems are able to communicate to every other logic programmable devices
  • We offer new ways of communication, secure, efficient, affordable and fast (ethernet, modbus, etc).
  •  Flexibility and customization of the systems to follow the everchanging customer needs.
  • Improved User Interfaces in order to interact in a more realistic and intuitive way.
  • Big touch screen modules that help you to clearly control all the system’s parameters.

These are our facts. Biemme Italia!