interaction in winery systems
Don’t worry, your system knows who you are and what you want. You only need to keep your smartphone close to the device and it tells you all the information. You will have an Apple or Android mobile app that will follow you everywhere you are.

Thanks to this new software, all your books, files, and sketches will be abandoned. L-Mobile is a new app that works on your smartphone or tablet. It is able to identify the object you are close to and consequently gives you all the information previously uploaded.

You will have the possibility not only to read but also to modify your data. For instance, some of the fields available are the following:

  • Description and origin of the product
  • Lot
  • Calendar of: filtrations, decanting, etc
  • Product analysis

You are free to walk over your winery without any piece of paper and/or constraints. This is an innovative approach to the electronic management of wineries without any location constraints. Inside your smartphone you will have your entire winery!