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I/O expansion with MQTT

HMI 4.3 inch capacitive. Android 5.1 rooted.

small but even more powerful

only 290,00 €

7 inch capacitive. Android 5.1 rooted.

only 390,00 €

7 inch capacitive. Android 5.1 rooted.

only 429,00 €


HMI 10.1″ Capacitive touch screen
o.s. Android 5.1
much larger display and fastest performance

plus series

7″ and 10″

with inputs and outputs on board


Automation with Arduino. Now, leverage the power of Arduino not only to create prototypes………

Expansion Module

RS485 expansion modules for enriching your projects with relays digital outputs and…….

Video Tutorial

Create an Android System App

The topic we would like to tell you today is how to create an Android System App with the any of the touch panels/tablets Ltouch. An Android system app is ......

PT100 with 4-20mA transmitter connect up to 2 PT100s to an Android Ltouch7 GS

The PT100 and PT1000 are standard industrial temperature sensors (RTD = Resistance Temperature Detectors) that can easily be used with an Ltouch43 and Ltouch7GS by adding a 4-20mA transmitter that converts the measured resistan.........

Mounting Additional USB Storage Devices on Android

On all the Ltouch products, once a USB Storage is connected to one of the four USB connectors available, the Android system will automatically mount …….