home automation with arduino and android, modbus and ethernet
We want to think differently from the classical idea of a limited and constrained home automation system. Our vision is based on the fact that home automation systems might be a consequence of human events, that are different from people to people. Therefore, one company should not force decisions and uniform life styles for people as they all were the same.

With our devices you can now create, innovate and directly customize whatever you want: this is our vision. We love to give people the elements to better express themselves.
The world that surround us, will be as you like. The events are not consequence of fixed situations, but consequence of your decisions. The what, when and how will be decided by you.

We designed and prototyped a new device – called Bmini shield – that, thanks to Arduino, is able to execute the commands that you want. You need only to download some simple example available from our wiki and use them as starter to your project and ideas.

Green World with Biemme devices (thanks to http://iconka.com/)The key ingredients of future home automations are simple: Arduino, Modbus and Ethernet. Thanks to them, you can create a network of interconnected devices with an independent and distributed logic. In this way, the entire system will be more powerful and your utilities’ bill will be lighter. The world will be more greener.

Biemme Italia is a young startup, formed by young people: who better than young can draw the future?