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bmTR01 Piezoresistive Pressure Transmitter

This piezoresistive pressure transmitter has an extremely small temperature error and this is achieved by dividing the temperature range into 120 fields that are 1,5 Kelvin (K) wide for a total temperature range of 180 K. The TK zero and TK compensation values are calculated for each field and fed into the analogue signal path depending on the temperature. Each temperature is the “calibration temperature” of this transmitter. The accuracy is mainly determined by linearity.

The product line is outstanding due to its extreme ruggedness towards electromagnetic fields. The limits of the CE standard are undercut by a factor of up to 10 with conducted and radiated fields. These transmitters are also extremely immune to external voltages between the housing and the electrical connection, which is particularly important when frequency converters are being used. The high insulation voltage of 300 V make this product ideal for use in the harshest of environments

Technical Specifications:

Pressure Range 0-13 bar
Signal Output 4...20 mA
Limitation Signal Output 3,2...22,3 mA
Power Supply 8...32 VDC
Load Resistance < (U-8 V) / 0,025 A
Limiting Frequency 2 kHz
Linearity (best fitted straight line) (1) typ. ±0,25 %FS
max. ±0,5 %FS
Total Error Band (2) 0...50 °C - max. ±1,0 %FS
-10...80 °C - max. ±1,5 %FS
(1) including Hysteresis + Repeatability
(2) Linearity + Hysteresis + Repeatability + Temp. Coeff. + Zero + Span Tolerance
Storage/Operating Temperature -40...100 °C
Electrical Connection Packard
Pressure Connection ¼ SAE
Response Time (Supply ON) (0...99 %) < 5 ms
Isolation > 10 M½ at 300 VDC
EMC EN 61000-6-2: 2005
EN 61000-6-3: 2007
EN 61326-2-3: 2006
Dead Volume Change < 0,1 mm3
Material in Media Contact - Stainless Steel AISI 316L (1.4404/1.4435)
Protection Class IP67

Approx. 50 g (G1/4")

Price: €32.00

VAT not included (if applicable)

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