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BmAna Analog Inputs Converter

The BmAna is a board that let you convert 0-10V, NTC/PTC and 0-20/4-20ma analog inputs to 0-5V (tension) with 10-bit resolution: it easily extends the spectrum of applications where Arduino (but not only) can be used, like for instance home and industrial automation.

The board has 4 analog inputs and each one can be set independently with one of the following measurement type:
  • 0-20ma (current)
  • 0-10V (tension)
  • PTC (thermocouples)
  • NTC (thermocouples)
The selection is made through jumpers.

Power supply: can be powered with 5Vdc (24Vdc optional) for the most wildspread use in every field of application.

To make easy and secure the connections with the measurement sources, we used terminal blocks.

The product is already assembled. For additional information, please refer to the bmAna wiki page.

Dimensions: 88 x 49 mm (3.4 x 1.9 in).

Price: €39.00

VAT not included (if applicable)

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