How to configure an Android Vnc Server

android vnc server from android clientIn this post I would like to show you the steps required to set up an Android Vnc Server to remotely control Android devices. This walkthrough has been tested with the Ltouch Android panels, but with simple modifications this tutorial can be used with any other Android devices.

The only requirement for this would be to have a rooted device (the Ltouch is already rooted). A basic knowledge of linux terminal commands could speed up the setup process. Continue reading

The Pltouch I/O Library as the PLC: An Example

In one of the first blog posts of the Pltouch series, we anticipated that the I/O library can be used in a way the PLC developers are familiar with (but it is not the only way of course).

PLC developers are accustomed to have a big infinite loop in which the code is executed sequentially. Conversely, in PC programs and in apps as well, this is not the case, there is no infinite loop and in mobile apps there are even many entry points. 

Based on those assumptions, the learning curve of PLC developers that want to embrace the Android/Java world might be steep. In order to smooth the steepness of this learning curve, the Pltouch I/O library allows users to continue to use the PLC-style  way of doing things even in the context of Android apps. 

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La libreria Pltouch I/O come il PLC: Un esempio pratico

In uno dei primi articoli della serie sul Pltouch, abbiamo discusso di come la libreria I/O per il Pltouch venga in contro ai tanti sviluppatori che sono abituati alla programmazione per PLC.

Coloro che sviluppano software per PLC sfruttano il paradigma di programmazione per cui tutto il codice viene eseguito in maniera sequenziale all’interno di un while(true) infinito. Purtroppo questa apparente semplificazione rende piuttosto ripida la curva di apprendimento di linguaggi con paradigma di esecuzione diversi (quali per esempio Java).

La libreria I/O Pltouch cerca invece di rendere questa curva più liscia possibile proponendo un approccio che permette di utilizzare anche in ambito Android lo stile di programmazione PLC.

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