Android Industrial Automation HMI 7″ GS Touch Screen

just an adjective to describe it


Cortex-A53 processor

64 bit Octa Core


16 GB eMMC

Surprising resolution

1280 x (RGB) x 800

display without film,
glass to the touch,
all IP54

Display Capacitive touch screen with surface treatment : AG.
Is mounted on panel aluminium thin of 5mm with hard electrolytic anodic oxidation. Sealing front panel of IP54, the surface of touch screen is smooth without any adhesive. All displays are strictly installed by the BiemmeItalia staff, so that they have the highest quality of the product.

it is not a dream, but reality

you can install a 5MP camera

you can make small projects for vision ceck

The Mobile Vision API provides a framework for finding objects in photos and video. The framework includes detectors, which locate and describe visual objects in images or video frames, and an event driven API that tracks the position of those objects in video.

Currently, the Mobile Vision API includes facebarcode, and text detectors, which can be applied separately or together.

Recognize objects and machine vision

Vocal recognition and artificial intelligence

you ask a question, he gives you the answer

Ltouch has a microphone and audio output as standard, you just have to enable the permissions in the manifest and you're done.

what awaits you is


Thanks to the free development Android Studio you can create your own personalized app using JavaGraphics and Logics all in the same IDE. 

Android 5.1 and its many functions allow you to connect with the worlds. In order to leverage the flexibility of the Android OS, the board has a native modus RTU library for Android that is able to communicate with every device through RS485.

completely galvanically isolated

The product will comes with a free Android modbus library that can be used to communicate with any commercial products such as PLC, I/O modules, temperature controllers and in general with any device that support the modbus protocol through rs485.

We developed our own library to support hardware I/O in all Android projects; it is reliable, fast in terms of execution time and open source . It is simple to import our library in eclipse projects and write your (java) project to handle I/O

RS485 it is polarized, so as to allow communication over long distances

It's free

go to customer support and download package .JAR and library .so

it's easier than you think

if you have two minutes, you’ve already done the job

you can import the Jar package into android studio and the .so library, so take advantage of all the Modbus rtu 03 – 06 – 16 functions and calls to inputs and outputs

We have developed a library dedicated to Ltouch7 GS panels that allow the use of the PID function. Thanks to the Android operating system it will be much easier to create and customize your needs.

You will only need one of our HMI Android Ltouch7 GS which has two analog inputs with a resolution of up to 17bit, 4 relay outputs or the RS485 Modbus line that allows interfacing with subsequent modulation to slave devices as standard.

The library is called MathProcess, with multiple features and customizations.

You can send mail when an event is generated.

The beauty ?

you pay nothing

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you have no extra cost with us

We are close to you if you need, we help you with dedicated videos and free downloadable libraries.

Use the integrated wifi, connected to a network with the internet, Open Android Studio, make a new project, create a class, pass the email address to which you want to send the message and the text.

All done.

you do something else, the library takes care of it



If a board is connected to a network via Ethernet before it is powered on it will automatically obtain an IP with DHCP activated after it is powered up. If you want to set up a static IP you can use the user interface or modify the kernel

Modbus TCP with Java Modbus Library

Stay connected from anywhere

WiFi: 802.11b/g/n

On board there is a module low-power consumption module which has all of the WiFi, Bluetooth.  With seamless roaming capabilities and advanced
security, also could interact with different vendors’ 802.11b/g/n Access Points in the wireless LAN.

The wireless module complies with IEEE 802.11 b/g/n standard and it can achieve up to a speed of 72.2Mbps with single stream in 802.11n draft, 54Mbps as specified in IEEE 802.11g, or 11Mbps for IEEE 802.11b to connect to the wireless LAN. 

Analog Inputs

Ltouch7 GS has two analog inputs in voltage or current, easy to use thanks to the plug-and-go connector. We have developed a library so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Current analog inputs

to acquire the signal all you have to do is connect it like this

Voltage analog inputs

only two wires, connect it like this

Analog acquisition to 18bit

BMTouch.ADC_read_channel((byte) 0, (byte) 0);

read channel allows you to acquire the value of the two analog inputs present in the Ltouch7GS, Thanks to a high analog converter you can go up to 18 bit resolution

The PT100 and PT1000 are standard industrial temperature sensors (RTD = Resistance Temperature Detectors) that can easily be used with an Ltouch43 and Ltouch7GS by adding a 4-20mA transmitter that converts the measured resistance into a 4-20mA signal…………..

Our LtouchGS product is ideally suited for the industrial environment, where analog signals are to be acquired.
LtouchGS comes standard with two analog inputs, voltage or current, with a resolution of 17 bits.
In this article, we explain …..

Information exchange

There are no limits for Ltouch7

Possibility to implement a server inside the Ltouch7 with which any wifi device can exchange information.
Is simple.
Just connect to the Ltouch7 network generated with hotspots.
You receive.
It commands.

create your html page,
copy it inside l’Ltouch
enable hotspots
connect with any wifi device

all done

Ltouch is rooted

This application starts automatically when the device starts.
We have created a series of settings to adapt it to all situations. Some of the settings 

-p Password to access server

-e Path to encrypted password file to access server

-r Screen rotation (degrees) (0,90,180,270)

-s Scale percentage (20,30,50,100,150)

-z Rotate display 180 (for zte compatibility)


YES , we created it for Android

You can securely connect to a remote computer or server using a text-based interface.
When a secure SSH connection is established, Ltouch shell session will be started and it will be possible to manipulate the server by typing commands within the client on the local computer.

we can install the SSH server inside the touch

we are at your service

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