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Ingress Protection


What are the differences between the Ltouch F with frontal IP54 and IP40?

The Ltouch F with IP54 ingress protection (frontal) is suitable for use in rugged environments and it is perfect for industrial applications too. Compared to the version with IP40, it has not the camera. The panel will boot automatically as the power is supplied. The screen dims off after an editable timeout and it can be activated with a touch to the screen.

What is the charge for the IP54 version of the Ltouch F?

The version with IP54 is provided at no additional cost.

Power supply

I want to use the Ltouch in industrial applications and I prefer 24VDC instead of 9VDC.

We can provide you the Ltouch with 24VDC at no additional cost. However, you will not receive the power supply.

Frontal and rear Cover

Which material the frontal cover is made of?

Aluminum anodized and polished.

Which material the rear cover is made of?

Stainless steel 304.

Which material the screws are made of?

All screws used in the Ltouch F are Stainless steel 304.

Can I choose a different color from black and white for the frontal frame ?

Yes. We can also provide you the frontal frame with special logo and drawing. Please contact us for more details.



Can you provide the Ltouch with Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich)?

Yes, the version that we can provide is 4.0.4. Just specify it in one of the comment sections during the checkout process. The Android modbus RTU library (through RS485) for Android is now supported also in ICS. The modbus TCP is still supported in any Android version we provide.

Can I start my Android applications at boot?

Yes, please take a look at this wiki page. In general, we suggest to look at our wiki section that contains many other useful tips related to Android.

My Ltouch does not connect to the Internet on Android 2.3.

Please check that in the Ethernet devices list (under Settings/Ethernet configuration), eth0 is selected (instead of ip6tnl0).

Does Android 4.0.4 has the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen like in smartphones?

In order to leverage all the screen area, we decided to hide the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. This does not necessarily means that the navigation between activities is not possible or difficult. In fact, you can create an action bar with the back button on it.

In case your project needs an external back button, we can prepare two additional wires connected to the hardware back pins of the board. Just let us know before ordering.

I am not able to connect to the Ltouch.

Please note that if you are on Windows, the Google USB Drivers must be installed the first time you connect the Ltouch to the PC. Conversely, if you are on Linux or Mac, no USB drivers are needed.

I don’t see the device on Explorer under My Computer on Windows.

It is likely that you are not able to see the device under My Computer on Windows’ Explorer. This is because the Ltouch is not an external USB Storage. In order to check whether your device is effectively connected to your PC, please use adb from the command line. Just type “adb devices” and you will get the list of on-line devices. You can also go to the DDMS perspective on Eclipse and see the list of devices active.


Can I set a my logo image in order that it will be displayed when the system boots?

The default boot and kernel images can not be replaced simply as to copy a new file into a folder because they are hardcoded in the system images, as defined by the Android build.

However, for batch orders we can provide an Android build with whatever logo or image you prefer. Please contact us before placing the order and we will tell you more about that.

Drivers and Support


Do I need special manufacturer's driver in order to connect the Ltouch to a host (PC)?

If you have a Linux/MacOSX operating system as a host PC, there is no need to install additional drivers. Just connect the mini-USB cable and you're fine. If you use Windows, just download the Google USB Driver (or Ltouch USB Driver on support area), install it on the host the first time you connect the Ltouch and you're ready to develop Android applications.

Remember to activate the USB Debugging on the device (under settings/developer options)

Please note that some Window versions, especially on 64bit, are not able to identify the "android_winusb.inf" file during the installation process. This means that you have to install the driver manually. More information here.

Where do I find the credentials to access into the BieMme restricted area?

Customer's credentials, username and password, are wrote on a specific document attached to the package that contains your customized product. On the restricted area you will find additional resources, manuals, schematic etc.



I saw some dip switches inside the main board. Can I change them?

These dip switches are reserved to upgrading the operating system. Changing them will void the warranty.

RMA Policy

What are your return policies?

In order to return one of the products you bought from our online store or through one of our representative, you have to request for a RMA number. Two cases are now possible:

  • If you bought through our online store, just access to your restricted area and from the orders' list, select the one that contains the items to return. At the bottom of the page you will see a link that redirects you directly to the RMA section. This section will guide you throughout all the RMA steps.
  • In all the other cases, fill out the RMA form and send it back to us.

Plese consider that before asking for a RMA number, it is mandatory to provide our customers' service with the bootloader, kernel and adb Android logs (if any) [How-To].

Once you receive the RMA number, you are free do send back to us the items. All returned product must reference the RMA number outside of the box. A returned product without clearly marked RMA number may be refused and returned to sender.

For additional information take a look at the RMA section of our on line store.

Additional Info

Android-based Multi Touch Panels:

  • Ltouch F with 7" capacitive touch
  • Ltouch FW with 7" capacitive touch and Wifi Interface

Android-based Development Boards:

  • Ltouch S development board with 7" capacitive Touch Panel
  • Ltouch SW development board with 7" capacitive Touch Panel and Wifi Interface

Main Wiki Page:

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