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Digital I/O ports that can be used directly from within your Java code. The performance of the new Samsung cortex A53 processor 64 bit Octa Core with dynamic frequency scaling from 400M to 1.4GHz

Ltouch10 102


The Ltouch43 is an HMI with a 4.3" capacitive touch screen, running Android 5.1 and with additional

The board can be easily used in many fields, from industrial to home automation, from prototyping ideas to concrete projects.

Safety guide lines

Read carefully the safety guidelines and programming instructions contained in this manual before using/ connecting the device. Disconnect power supply before proceeding to hardware settings or electrical wirings. Only qualified personnel should be allowed to use the device and/or service it and in accordance to technical data and environmental conditions listed in this manual. Do not dispose electric tools together with household waste material. In observance European Directive 2002/96/EC on waste electrical and electronic equipment and its implementation in accordance with national law, electric tools that have reached the end of their life must be collected separately and returned to an environmentally compatible recycling facility.

Technical Specifications

  • Hardware Specification
    • Power supply: 24 Vdc
    • 4 Relay Oututs (5A 30Vdc - 5A 230Vac) on board
    • RS485 : Modbus RTU Protocol on board
    • SealingFront panel: IP54 , Box and Terminal bloks: IP20
    • Operating temperature 0~45°C
    • Humidity 35..95 uR% (non condensing)
    • Front panel: mirror stainless stell ; Box:stainless steel AISI 304
    • Weight : Approx. 500 gr
  • Display
    • DIMENSION:4.3 inch diagonal
    • RESOLUTION : 480 X (RGB) X 800
  • MCU
    • Samsung cortex A53 processor 64 bit Octa Core with frequency from 400MHz to 1.4GHz
    • PMU Power Management Unit: AXP228. it supports software power-off and wake-up functions.
    • RAM memory 2GB 32bit DDR3 and storage eMMC of 16GB and more external storage up to 128GB.
    • Ethernet: Gbps Ethernet(RTL8211E) with unique MAC Internal 1000/100/10M Ethernet
    • eMMC: 16GB
    • Audio: 1 x audio codec chip, 1 x onboard Microphone and 1 x audio jack
    • Power: DC 24V, up to 0.8 A
    • Onboard WiFi & Bluetooth
    • Pop-up MicroSIM card slot
    • Onboard porcelain antenna
    • HDMI INTERFACE: 1 x HDMI A Type, HDMI 1.4a (Smart4418) 1080p30 video output
    • 2 x USB A, brought out from USB 2.0 hub, (USB 1.1 compatible)
    • 1 x Micro USB, data communication only
    • Internal Audio, supports audio recording and play 3.5mm audio jack and MIC onboard Microphone

  • Ingress Protection Code
    • IP54

I/O only Ltouch7 102


5 Relay Outputs

5A 30 Vdc

5A 230 Vac

    • R1 : Outputs 1 With exchange contact
    • R2 : Outputs 2 With exchange contact
    • R3 : Outputs 3 With exchange contact
    • R4 : Outputs 4 With exchange contact


  • A: RS485 +
  • GND: GND for Modbus RTU
  • B: RS485 -

Select modbus baud-rate through internal register:

  • 2400 baud.
  • 4800 baud.
  • 9600 baud.
  • 19200 baud.
  • 28800 baud.
  • 38400 baud.
  • 57600 baud.

API Guide

Skeleton of an hypothetical application that deals with Modbus RTU requests.

This panel is also designed to deal with modbus requests through RS485 under Android. To do so, you simply load our modbus native library in your Android project and call the functions available.

Even though you can design your Android application in many different way, we suggest to follow a skeleton of an hypothetical application that deals with modbus requests. This could be very useful if you need performance and order in the way commands are executed. This example make use of the power of Java threads.

The architecture of this Android app is described in our modbus library section. You will also find a FAQ section where we answered the most frequent questions our customers ask.

If you are interested in using the modbus TCP in our home or industrial application, take a look on how to use it with our Ltouch tablets. See how the modbus TCP communication works.


Ltouch7 102 Ltouch7 102 Ltouch7 102


Ltouch7 102 Ltouch7 102 Ltouch7 102

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