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The bm6PTI is a RS485 module expansion. The main features are the following:

  • platinum RTD inputs, indexing number Pt100
  • 6-channel input
    • Resolution accuracy of 0.1%
  • DC-DC isolated power supply, higher accuracy

Technical Features

Basic specifications

Item Description
Insulation Voltage Above DC 1000V 2Mohm
Anti-noise 500V 1uS pulse 1 minute
Ambient temperature -20°C / 80°C
Ambient humidity 5% to 95%
Comunication port RS485 Networked
Grounding Not with strong power system common ground

Supply Voltage

Item Description
Rated Voltage 24 Vdc
Allowable range 20 Vdc – 30 Vdc
Rated frequency 50/60 Hz
Allow instant power-off time Interruption time <= 0.5AC cycle, interval >= 1s
Impact current Max 40° below 5mS/AC100V, Max 60° below 5mS/DC1000V
Maximum consumption 24 Vdc/30W


Bm4AI dimens.jpg

Module description

Bm4AI module.jpg

Item Description
Power instructions The indicate light on power
RS485 interface Modbus communication RS485 interface, A is RS485+, B is RS485-
Communication instructions For sending and receiving data
Operating instructions When module is operating the indicator light
24V/0V/GND Used for power supply
Nameplate description Model, date of manufacture and other information

Modbus registers:

ID Type Description
4x0000 16 BIT CH0 Channel temperature value (-1000 to +5000)
4x0001 16 BIT CH1 Channel temperature value (-1000 to +5000)
4x0002 16 BIT CH2 Channel temperature value (-1000 to +5000)
4x0003 16 BIT CH3 Channel temperature value (-1000 to +5000)
4x0004 16 BIT CH4 Channel temperature value (-1000 to +5000)
4x0005 16 BIT CH5 Channel temperature value (-1000 to +5000)
4x0010 16 BIT CH0 Channel compensation temperature value (+/- 0.1 degrees)
4x0011 16 BIT CH1 Channel compensation temperature value (+/- 0.1 degrees)
4x0012 16 BIT CH2 Channel compensation temperature value (+/- 0.1 degrees)
4x0013 16 BIT CH3 Channel compensation temperature value (+/- 0.1 degrees)
4x0014 16 BIT CH4 Channel compensation temperature value (+/- 0.1 degrees)
4x0015 16 BIT CH5 Channel compensation temperature value (+/- 0.1 degrees)
4x0028 16 BIT Initialization module address (0 to 63), the default node id number is 1
4x0029 16 BIT Initialize the baud rate (range 2400 / 19200). The default is 19200 bps
4x0030 16 BIT Initialization module parity bit (no parity). The default is none.
4x0031 16 BIT Restore Factory (this signal is 0XFFF, system Initialization).

Note: The module uses standard Modbus-RTU communication protocol. The Modbus protocol is a serial asynchronous communication protocol and was introduced by the Modicon company. Data transmission using half-duplex mode. A master station control one or more slave stations. CAN-GT module using a RS-485 as Modbus physical interface.

  • PT100 channel reading value / 10 of the actual temperature, for example, display 1000, 1000/10 = 100.0 ° C
  • Communication default parameters: MODBUS Address: 1, Baud Rate: 19200, no parity, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit

Application Notes

Maybe there are potentially hazardous. If you do not to observe the following precautions may cause serious damage to your property!

Do NOT use the bm6PTI in the following environments:

  • Humid or with condensation environments,
  • Where there exist corrosive gases or dust,
  • Environments with water, chemicals and other conductive liquid splashing into place

Notes on Wiring:

  • Avoid close to high-voltage, high-current power supply or cables.
  • Do not over-pressure power: choose the correct polarity.
  • Make sure the communication cable connection is correct.

Pictures and Applications

Bm6PTI 1.jpg
An example of using the bm6PTI expansion module with an Android-based HMI Ltouch F panel.



This documentation is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0

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