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Pltouch 101g implements our idea of home and industrial automation: Pltouch is an Human-Machine-Interface (HMI) soft-PLC, running Android. You can benefit from the well-known Android interface and execute graphical widgets and animations available in Android framework (API level 15).
This is made possible by its powerful hardware equipped with a 7″ capacitive display, 512MB of RAM, an ARM A8 mcu which handles graphics and an ARM M3 which handles I/O lines.
Technical specifications.

library dedicated

We developed our own library to support hardware I/O in all Android projects; it is reliable, fast in terms of execution time and open source .
It is simple to import our library in eclipse projects and write your (java) project to handle I/O. Wiki page.

SOFT-PLC Input/Output

I/O connectors are placed in the back of pLtouch-101g, its standard
configuration consists of: 12 digital opto-isolated inputs – 8 relay outputs – 4 analog inputs. Resolution: 12 bits , accuracy 0.5% – 2 analog outputs. Resolution: 12 bits , accuracy 0.5%
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Data Storage.

Unlimited storage available using the two mounted SD slots and the fast internal iNand flash memory.
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Serial Port

to simplify the use of RS485 serial lines and RTU modbus protocol, expecially in industrial automation applications, we added 2 serial ports (RS232 and RS485); also TCP modbus protocol is supported using the ethernet connector.

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We don’t put aside media contents, in fact our product supports MPEG4, H.263, H.264 1080P@30fps encode/decode and MPEG4 1080P@30fps decode. It is provided together with an HDMI connector and an audio connector.


All products by Biemme Italia come with an ID to track them during their own life.
Using the QR code on your device, you can recover online documentation.
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