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Android HMI

Revolution in the panorama of industrial automation: new touch panels with IP54 ingress protection and with Android 2.3 or 4.0, easy to program, advanced user interaction, RS485 and Ethernet communication interfaces.

Soft PLC Arduino

Automation with Arduino. Now, leverage the power of Arduino not only to create prototypes but also in projects where special requirements are needed. Many communication interfaces are available Ethernet, RS485 and Modbus.

HMI Touch Screen Mesh Networks

Create mesh networks formed by Android touch panels that come with XBee technology. Let configure every Xbee node by using a simple Android application.

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Expansion modules logo Pltouch Android HMI Sensors

Expansion Modules

RS485 expansion modules for enriching your projects with relays digital outputs and PT100 inputs.

Android HMI Pltouch

An impressive Android-based HMI with digital and analog input/ouputs directly controlled by your Java code.


Temperature, Humidity and Pressure Transmitters: the main ingredients for your advanced industrial automation projects.

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Pltouch 202 : New pLtouch HMI Android with inputs and outpus on board